FLOATING CONDITIONS: Check the weather forecast at Beaver Creek.  See below for creek conditions or go
    to""USGS Bradleyville."  Ideal parameters are between 3.25 and 5 feet.
SECURITY DEPOSIT: All rentals require credit card information on file in lieu of security deposit.
COOLERS: Max size cooler allowed in boats or vans is 32-quarts due to storage and weight limitations.
PETS: All pets must be on leash. Owners must clean up after their pets. No excessive barking. No pets allowed in
    the bath house or cabins. No aggressive dogs. 
BEHAVIOR: This is a family place. Mind your language and behavior as such.

Canoe with dogs


Max Capacity – 2. Our canoes are equipped with 2 or 3 seats. No more than 2 adults per canoe. Max 800 lbs equipment & people. All rentals include life jackets, paddles & shuttle. Daily rate $45 | Mon – Thurs: 2 Canoes for $75. Swan Creek +$10. Ask about our multi-day rates for overnighters on the creek.

Ladies Float with Kayaks


Max Capacity – 1 or 2. We carry fishing kayaks equipped with rod holders, storage areas, and foot stays. We also have regular sit-in or sit-a-top kayaks. Tandem kayaks are sit-a-top and especially useful if taking a small child or unskilled person and can aid in learning to paddle. All rentals include life jackets, paddles & shuttle. Daily rate Single $30, Tandem $45 | Monday – Thursday: 2 Single for $50 or 2 Tandems for $60. Swan Creek +$10.

Water Height

USGS Water-data graph for site 07054080
Stand-Up Paddle Board with dog


Maximum Capacity – 1. We have Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boards available for rent. The portion of Beaver Creek adjacent to our property is wide, includes several deep pools and has an extremely slow current making it ideal for SUP Boarding . Daily rate $20.

Equipment shuttle service in truck


We can shuttle you and your equipment anywhere on Beaver or Swan Creek. Shuttle service is on a first come first serve basis with priority given to our canoe and kayak rentals.For shuttle service above Brownbranch, park at the camp store. For shuttle service below Brown branch, call ahead of time, park at your destination and we will meet you there. This allows floaters to end up at their vehicles at the end of the day. Daily Rate $15 per boat up to 12 miles. Swan Creek or shuttles up to 25 miles +$10 per boat.

Flow Rate

USGS Water-data graph for site 07054080
Group float with canoes, special rates

group rates

We can handle groups of up to 30 people and any combination of rentals and/or private equipment shuttles to accommodate 30 people.

Reduced rates for 10 or more rentals of our equipment.

Reservations required.

All rentals require credit card information on file in lieu of security deposit.

Cancellation Policy:  Boat rental cancellations less than 2 weeks, 10% fee for group rentals of 10 boats or more. 

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